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The Doobie Brothers – Best of the Doobies

Over the past couple of months I’ve bought quite a few second hand albums featuring songs I’d like in My Imaginary Jukebox, so this post and the next few will be about those albums.

I’m kicking off with Best of the Doobies by The Doobie Brothers. It features three of my all time favorites, China Grove, Long Train Running and Listen to the Music. I’ve got Long Train Running in my download collection, as part of the Ultimate Drivetime album, but none of the other two, so I thought this album would be a great addition to my vinyl collection.











Looking at the album, it was released in 1976! I can’t remember hearing any of these tracks when they were first released, but they were radio staples throughout the late 70s and early 80s. Now I’m living in America, I hear them quite a lot on one of the the local radio stations in Cincinnati I listen to.

So far I’ve been picking one track per album for My Imaginary Jukebox, so sticking to that rule, I’m adding China Grove by The Doobie Brothers to My Imaginary Jukebox.


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Long Live the Record Store!

Yes, I know it’s been ages since my last post, but that means there’s loads to catch up on, so I won’t waste my time on excuses I’ll get straight into my post. Since moving to our near home, in Morrow, near Cincinnati, last September, I’ve bought more vinyl in the last six months than the last six years. I seemed to have moved to a vinyl mecca!

I’ve already mentioned Black Plastic Records, who are based in downtown Cincinnati, in a couple of previous posts. Just down the road from Black Plastic Records is Shake it Records. I paid my first visit there on Record Store Day last month.

This was my first Record Store Day in America, I missed last year’s, as due to some bad planning on my part, we held our wedding celebration on the same day as Record Store Day 2014. I didn’t think it would be wise to abandon the preparations in order to queue up at a record store! I was in France for Record Store Day 2013, but that’s for another post!

So for Record Store Day 2015, I woke up at 5:30am, left the house at 6:00am, arrived at the store at 7:00am, for a 9:00am opening, and found in excess of 100 people queuing already!  Two hours later, when the store opened, there was no mad chaotic rush like I’d experienced at Record Store Days in the UK. It was very orderly and, more to the point, very well organized. People were only allowed to buy one copy of any album or single and they seemed to have quite a few copies of each release. I’ll do a separate post on my Record Store Day purchases, suffice to say I spent a fortune, but came away a very happy man!

My most recent find, and my favorite store to date, is somewhat nearer to where I live. Twenty minutes drive away from Morrow is a small town called Loveland, and that’s where Plaid Room Records are based. I found out about Plaid Room Records when I visited Cappys Wines & Spirits. They suggested I pay the local Record Store a visit and I’m glad I followed up on their recommendation. It’s a great store, with a great selection of both new and used vinyl. Their service has been excellent and their staff friendly and knowledgeable.

I’ve been three times now and each time have come away with some classics I’ve been after for a while, together with some more recent releases.

When I was a teenager I used to spend my Saturday afternoons at the only record store in town, if I remember rightly it was called Hardys. I loved going there, I found out about loads of new bands there and was never pressured to buy anything. The owners and their staff were genuine music lovers and it showed. Plaid Room Records gives off a similar type of vibe and I’m sure its a place I’ll be frequenting on a regular basis in the future.



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