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Have Gun, Will Travel – Goodnight, Sweet Chariot

Goodnight, Sweet Chariot by Have Gun, Will Travel is today’s song of the day.

I must confess to knowing almost nothing about this group, they came up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, as they are followed by my brother-in-law. That particular post made reference to their latest album, Science From An Easy Chair, which is based on British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated 1914-16 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

Have Gun Will Travel - Science from an Easy Chair






Being a Brit the subject matter instantly appealed as I remember reading about Ernest Shackleton in my History lessons, way back in the mists of time!

Goodnight, Sweet Chariot is taken from the latest album by Have Gun, Will TravelScience From an Easy Chair and to quote from Have Gun, Will Travel, “It’s a folk ballad about the sinking of the polar exploration ship Endurance, which met its demise in 1915 in the Antarctic”.

Check out Goodnight, Sweet Chariot and an amazing video showing how the Endurance met it’s end in the Antarctic.

The album’s named after a book by Ray Lankester, which apparently the crew would read aloud during their voyage.

And I have to say I love the band’s name, Have Gun, Will Travel. I know there was an American TV series of the same name that ran in the late 50’s,early 60’s, of which I’ve never seen an episode, but being a Stephen King fan, I know the theme song! It appears in my all time favorite film, Stand By Me. I’ve just read on Wikipedia that apparently the film’s producer’s were sued by songwriter Johnny Western for using the song without his permission.

Johnny Western, is that his real name?

Anyway, at the risk of being sued, check out this video…

Meanwhile, back to the subject at hand, Goodnight, Sweet Chariot by Have Gun, Will Travel is today’s song of the day and is the latest addition to my imaginatively titled Spotify playlist, Track of the Day 2016


If any of the stuff on here piques your interest, you can find it on Amazon, by clicking the links below:

Science From An Easy Chair by Have Gun, Will Travel

Have Gun, Will Travel by Johnny Western

Stand By Me (Special Edition) by Stephen King

From an easy chair by Ray Lankester

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