Near Vinyl Heaven!

Near Vinyl Heaven!, what’s that all about?

Well after nearly a year since moving to the USA from the UK, I’ve finally gone and bought a new turntable to replace my old turntable that was damaged in one of the moves, either between Gainsborough to York, York to Columbus, Georgia or Columbus to Cincinnati, Ohio!

This gives me a chance to finally getting to play all my old vinyl albums and all the various albums I’ve bought over the past couple of years and not yet had chance to play. Hence the title of this post, Near Vinyl Heaven!

I’ve no idea how many albums I’ve got, but behind most of them, there’s a story, so I’ll no doubt be entertaining/boring you with these stories, you’ve been warned! In case you want to read more, or want to avoid, the stories behind my albums, just look out for the Near Vinyl Heaven! category.



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