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WNKU Member!

Since moving to the USA from the UK, I’ve struggled to find a radio station to match those I listened to in the UK. Most of the stations both in Georgia, where I lived for nearly a year, and in and around the Cincinnati area were either packed with commercials and/or were niche stations featuring one genre of music. But that has now changed, I’ve discovered WNKU! I’ve listened to the station at various times of the day and week, and have always come across some great music. In fact at the end of June, I became a sustaining member of WNKU, donating $50 per month,which entitles me to receive their CD of the month.

This last week on WNKU I’ve come across and downloaded two great tracks, which I know I would probably not have heard on any of the other stations I’d listened to in the past.

The first was The Eye – Brandi Carlile , an artist I’d never heard of before. On first listening to it, I thought it was Holly Williams, one of my favorite artists. I’ve just noticed from her twitter feed that The Eye – Brandi Carlile has just been selected as one of NPR‘s best songs of 2015 so far!

Here’s the official video for The Eye – Brandi Carlile:-

The Eye is taken from , The Firewatcher’s Daughter – Brandi Carlile, which is definitely on my wishlist!

The second new track I downloaded this week, after listening to it on WNKU, was Falling from the Sky – Calexico. Now I have heard of Calexico and have heard a few of their tracks on Bob Harris’s radio show back in the UK. Falling from the Sky – Calexico is taken from their latest album, Edge of the Sun

Here’s the official video for Falling from the Sky – Calexico:-

I’ve just read Pitchfork’s review of the album and I’ve found out that Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses, one of my favorite groups, appears on Falling from the Sky, which probably explain why I’ve played this track a dozen times already this week!

So that’s two albums on my wishlist!


Calexico - Edge of the Sun

Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter

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My Top Ten Gigs of 2014, Part Three!

And now for the third part of My Top Ten Gigs of 2014

2. Band of Horses at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Even now, I still can’t believe I’ve been to a gig at the Ryman Auditorium, aka the Mother Church. I wanted to make sure my first gig at the Ryman Auditorium was something special, so when I found out Band of Horses were playing there, I tried to get a ticket straight away. I couldn’t get one through the normal outlets and ended up paying over the odds for a ticket, but it turned out to be well worth it.

I first came across Band of Horses, the previous year, while I was staying in Columbus, Georgia. I found a cool coffee shop, Fountain City Coffee, and on my first visit, they were playing a track in the background, that immediately grabbed my attention. It turned out to be Is There a Ghost from their 2007 album Cease to Begin. I downloaded the album as soon as I got home and have downloaded all their other albums since, including their most recent Live at the Ryman.

I traveled over 350 miles to get to the gig and it was worth every minute of the six hour journey. Their support, Sera Cahoone was superb and Band of Horses, were every bit as good as I hoped they would be. The acoustics in the Ryman were amazing, and the respect the band had for the venue was palpable. They were on stage for about two hours and I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout those two hours, with the combination of the great music and being in the hallowed Mother Church. This was a night that will stay with me for a very long time!

Here’s a link to a youtube video from that night:


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My Top Ten Albums of 2014

Well we’re approaching the end of 2014, so like loads of other music fans, I’ve put together a list of My Top Ten Albums of 2014. And here it is:

10 – Herd Runners by Cherry Ghost

Cherry Ghost - Herd Runners








9 – Road of Bones by IQ

IQ - Road of Bones








8 – Hand on the Plow by The Tillers

The Tillers - Hand on the Plow









7 – The River and the Thread by Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash - The River and the Thread








6 – Northlands by Tony Patterson and Brendan Eyre

Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre - Northlands







5 – Familiars by The Antlers

The Antlers - Familiars








4 – Abel Ganz by Abel Ganz

Abel Ganz - Abel Ganz








3 – Ryan Adams by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams








2 – Southeastern by Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell - Southeastern








1 – Acoustic Live at the Ryman by Band of Horses

Band of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman


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