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Long Live the Record Store!

Yes, I know it’s been ages since my last post, but that means there’s loads to catch up on, so I won’t waste my time on excuses I’ll get straight into my post. Since moving to our near home, in Morrow, near Cincinnati, last September, I’ve bought more vinyl in the last six months than the last six years. I seemed to have moved to a vinyl mecca!

I’ve already mentioned Black Plastic Records, who are based in downtown Cincinnati, in a couple of previous posts. Just down the road from Black Plastic Records is Shake it Records. I paid my first visit there on Record Store Day last month.

This was my first Record Store Day in America, I missed last year’s, as due to some bad planning on my part, we held our wedding celebration on the same day as Record Store Day 2014. I didn’t think it would be wise to abandon the preparations in order to queue up at a record store! I was in France for Record Store Day 2013, but that’s for another post!

So for Record Store Day 2015, I woke up at 5:30am, left the house at 6:00am, arrived at the store at 7:00am, for a 9:00am opening, and found in excess of 100 people queuing already!  Two hours later, when the store opened, there was no mad chaotic rush like I’d experienced at Record Store Days in the UK. It was very orderly and, more to the point, very well organized. People were only allowed to buy one copy of any album or single and they seemed to have quite a few copies of each release. I’ll do a separate post on my Record Store Day purchases, suffice to say I spent a fortune, but came away a very happy man!

My most recent find, and my favorite store to date, is somewhat nearer to where I live. Twenty minutes drive away from Morrow is a small town called Loveland, and that’s where Plaid Room Records are based. I found out about Plaid Room Records when I visited Cappys Wines & Spirits. They suggested I pay the local Record Store a visit and I’m glad I followed up on their recommendation. It’s a great store, with a great selection of both new and used vinyl. Their service has been excellent and their staff friendly and knowledgeable.

I’ve been three times now and each time have come away with some classics I’ve been after for a while, together with some more recent releases.

When I was a teenager I used to spend my Saturday afternoons at the only record store in town, if I remember rightly it was called Hardys. I loved going there, I found out about loads of new bands there and was never pressured to buy anything. The owners and their staff were genuine music lovers and it showed. Plaid Room Records gives off a similar type of vibe and I’m sure its a place I’ll be frequenting on a regular basis in the future.



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Steve Winwood – Talking Back to the Night

Talking Back to the Night by Steve Winwood is the latest record I’ve uploaded to my computer. I bought the album, last week, at the Black Plastic record store, which has a brilliant collection of old and new vinyl.

Steve Winwood - Talking Back to the Night










I first heard Talking Back to the Night pretty soon after it was first released in August 1982. A guy I used to knock around with back in the early eighties was a big music fan, and I remember hearing this round at his house and borrowing the album a few days later. I think I taped it on to a cassette (remember them?), but I’ve long since lost it, along with all my other old cassettes.

The most well known track from the album is Valerie, which appeared on many a “soft rock” compilation. In fact I have it on a Soft Rock Anthems CD. My favorite track though is the title track, Talking Back To The Night (Remix Version), which I’m going to add to My Imaginary Jukebox.

Having listened to the album again, I’m glad I bought it (for the grand total of $1.95 plus tax!), and it was good to listen to it again, but I can’t see me playing it on a regular basis.

Here’s the remixed version of Talking Back To The Night (Remix Version)


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TW3 Week 6

Well no posts this week, but still plenty going on in my world of music, definitely enough for TW3 Week 6!

I’ll start with my latest acquisitions from Black Plastic, this record store was definitely a good find! Last week I purchased these two classics:







Fragile by Yes and Talking Back to the Night by Steve Winwood. And the price for these two classic albums, less than $8! Why is there a bottle of Sprout relish in the photo? It’s there because I posted this photo to the Big Big Train Facebook group page, where Brussel Sprouts are a hot topic, and that was my contribution!

I found another neat record label, Signature SoundsOnce again I came across this courtesy of Noisetrade. I downloaded their Music Abounds sampler, which as well as including some of their recent releases, also includes some tracks from their forthcoming 20th Anniversary Collection:Rarities from the Second Decade.

Signature Sounds - 20th Anniversary Collection






I can’t remember where I came across Twin Peaks, but sometime during this last week, I downloaded their In the Morning(In the Evening) track, and I love it. Here you go, listen to this!


Joe Bonamassa is someone I’ve been curious about for a while, and earlier this week I downloaded a free album he’s released. I found out about this on my Facebook feed. There’s loads of great stuff on the album, but my favourite is Slow Train , from his An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House album.

Joe Bonamassa






Meanwhile in the twitterverse, I’ve acquired a few new followers from the music world. Firstly, the Dave Hanson Band has joined my illustrious list of followers. Check this out from the Dave Hanson Band 


The Dave Hanson Band are based in Leeds, England, whereas Hailey Whitters, another new follower is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Have a listen to this playlist, trust me it’s well worth a listen!


Back to England for another of my new followers, Wily Bo Walker, who is based in London. Mind you listen to this and you’ll think you’re down in New Orleans!

Anyway enough of twitter, the big news in my music world is that I’ve got a ticket to see the mighty Lord Huron, on their Strange Trails tour at, get this, The Ryman Auditorium! I’m going on another pilgrimage to the Mother Church!

So there goes another week in my world of music, TW3 – Week 6

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TW3 – Week 5

And now we’re into February, and it’s time for another look at my week in music, with TW3 – Week 5!

So, what’s been happening on the music front in my life? I’ve found a cool podcast full of music from local bands, got a couple of decent albums from Black Plastic in downtown Cincinnati and found another decent record label, complete with a cracking sampler.

Okay, first of all, the podcast. It’s a weekly podcast from CincyMusic.compresented by “prominent local music veteran”, Venomous Valdez. Standout tracks from the most recent podcast were I Want to Know my Father’s Name by Blue Caboose, Old Lady & the Devil by The Tillers and  Long John Blues by Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle

CincyMusic.com also have a free weekly download, this week’s being Lazarus Capri by Edison, which is well worth a listen



Staying local in Cincinnati (I love saying that!), for the past few weeks I’ve been meaning to call in at Black Plastic records on Hamilton Avenue, as I drive past it tow or three times a week. Last Friday I finally paid it a visit, albeit for ten minutes, and came out with these two gems, Tormato
by Yes and Octoberon
by Barclay James Harvest, for less than $8! I’ve a funny feeling I may be calling again!












As for that cracking sampler, it came from Muddy Roots.They released a free download in collaboration with Roots Union, entitled Muddy Waters Music.


Muddy Roots Music Recordings - Sampler










I’ve listen to the whole album half a dozen times over the past few days and I’ve not skipped a track once which says a lot. If I have to pick a couple of highlights, I would plump firstly for Southern Queen by The Hardin Draw and Autumn Time by the Urban Pioneers.


The Hardin Draw: “Southern Queen” from Joshua Ferg on Vimeo.

Meanwhile in the land of Facebook, I came across this wicked cover of Prince’s Purple Rain by one of my favorite bands, The Waterboys. Cop a load of this recorded at the BBC Radio 2 studios

And staying in the UK, or to be more precise England, I got a download from Show of Hands after signing up to their newsletter. I’ve seen Show of Hands a couple of times, once in my home town of Gainsborough and once at Glastonbury Festival, on both occasions they were excellent.  On their website, there’s this quote from The Independent –  Show of Hands are undeniably one of the strongest current forces in acoustic music – England’s finest and most popular roots duo and something of a “people’s band”. The nearest equivalent I’ve seen since moving to the USA are The Tillers. If you want to enjoy English roots music at it’s best, you need to check this album out.

The download comes with a booklet containing lyrics to all the songs, which all have English roots apart from one, Lonesome Stockade Blues, which is a traditional American song. And get this, where is the Stockade Prison they’re singing about? It’s in Columbus, Georgia, where I lived for eight months (in Columbus, not in the stockade!) prior to moving to Cincinnati! I love stuff like that, call it coincidence, serendipity, whatever, I think it’s neat!

Another of the songs on the album, Train, also appears on their Dark Fields album, which I have in my collection.


Show of Hands - Dark Fields


Show of Hands - Roots






The other album by Show of Hands I have is roots: the best of show.. a live album, which features this gem….



And there you have it, another TW3 in the world of TonyNewboultMusic

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