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The Southern Companion – Feels Like Years

Feels Like Years by The Southern Companion is my Track of the Day.

Every now and again I’ll get a text or Facebook message from my daughter, Devon, telling me to check a band out or to listen to a track, and usually they’re pretty good selections. This afternoon I received a text telling me to “listen to Feels Like Years by Southern Companion

Well I did and I loved it!

I knew absolutely nothing about The Southern Companion, so after googling them, it turns out that The Southern Companion are British! And have won some BCMAs. I also checked their Facebook page and it turns out that earlier this very evening, Feels Like Years was played on the Bob Harris Country show! Now that’s an endorsement!

And talking of “Whispering” Bob, The Southern Companion also appeared on one of his Under The Apple Tree sessions where they performed Feels Like Years, check it out

As I type this I’m listening to his 2015 album, 1000 Days of Rain, on Spotify and I’m hooked! This is definitely going on my to buy list. He also does a mean cover of Driving With The Brakes On by Del Amitri,

So thanks to Devon’s  recommendation, Feels Like Years by The Southern Companion is the latest addition to my Track of the Day playlist


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