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Calexico – The Town and Miss Lorraine

The Town and Miss Lorraine by Calexico is today’s Track of the Day.

It comes from Calexico’s latest album, The Thread That Keeps Us. I bought the album, on vinyl, a couple of weeks ago. And with the download came seven bonus tracks.






I’ve only really got into Calexico over the past couple of years, I loved their 2015 album, Edge of the Sun, particularly Falling from the Sky, which is still regularly on my playlist. And I’ve got their 2012 Algiers album in my collection, but nothing earlier than that.





There isn’t a duff track amongst the album’s 15 songs and seven bonus tracks, but the one that stands out for me is The Town and Miss Lorraine. I have to confess I’m not sure what The Town and Miss Lorraine is all about, but it evokes such imagery from the opening line “I found a book in a washed up ship” through to the “bad accident on the interstate”  to the closing line “Watching Miss Lorraine
Smoking alone with the moon”.

It’s sung with a well mournful, longing voice and a simple backing, it reminds a little of a Jimmy Webb type composition, which is no bad thing!

And for some strange reason, it reminds me of Tell Laura I Love Her by Ricky Valance

Here’s a video of the band performing The Town and Miss Lorraine

Brilliant or what?

And that’s why The Town and Miss Lorraine by Calexico is my Track of the Day, I love it!

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WNKU Member!

Since moving to the USA from the UK, I’ve struggled to find a radio station to match those I listened to in the UK. Most of the stations both in Georgia, where I lived for nearly a year, and in and around the Cincinnati area were either packed with commercials and/or were niche stations featuring one genre of music. But that has now changed, I’ve discovered WNKU! I’ve listened to the station at various times of the day and week, and have always come across some great music. In fact at the end of June, I became a sustaining member of WNKU, donating $50 per month,which entitles me to receive their CD of the month.

This last week on WNKU I’ve come across and downloaded two great tracks, which I know I would probably not have heard on any of the other stations I’d listened to in the past.

The first was The Eye – Brandi Carlile , an artist I’d never heard of before. On first listening to it, I thought it was Holly Williams, one of my favorite artists. I’ve just noticed from her twitter feed that The Eye – Brandi Carlile has just been selected as one of NPR‘s best songs of 2015 so far!

Here’s the official video for The Eye – Brandi Carlile:-

The Eye is taken from , The Firewatcher’s Daughter – Brandi Carlile, which is definitely on my wishlist!

The second new track I downloaded this week, after listening to it on WNKU, was Falling from the Sky – Calexico. Now I have heard of Calexico and have heard a few of their tracks on Bob Harris’s radio show back in the UK. Falling from the Sky – Calexico is taken from their latest album, Edge of the Sun

Here’s the official video for Falling from the Sky – Calexico:-

I’ve just read Pitchfork’s review of the album and I’ve found out that Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses, one of my favorite groups, appears on Falling from the Sky, which probably explain why I’ve played this track a dozen times already this week!

So that’s two albums on my wishlist!


Calexico - Edge of the Sun

Brandi Carlile - The Firewatcher's Daughter

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