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Lost Horizons – Ojala

Ojalá, is the debut album by Lost Horizons released on the Bella Union label. Up until three days ago I’d never heard of them! I came across them by a recommendation on Facebook by Lanterns on the Lake. Ojalá was mixed by Paul Gregory of Lanterns on the Lake and band member Hazel Wilde appears on one of the tracks on the album, Stampede.

Lost Horizons is a collaboration between Simon Raymonde and Richie Thomas, no I’d never heard of them either! I found out from the Bella Union website that Simon Raymonde actually runs the Bella Union record label and was the bassist in Scottish band, the Cocteau Twins. Now I have heard of them, but can’t recall any of their music. According to the website, Richie Thomas used to be drummer for an instrumental quartet called Dif Juz, no me neither. There are some serious gaps in my music history!

I do know a little about Bella Union, I’ve just looked at their artist roster and I’ve got albums by ten of their artists in my collection, including the aforementioned Lanterns on the Lake.

Have I ever told you.., I saw Lanterns on the Lake live, back in January 2012, at The Duchess in York. Apart from being an excellent gig, it was a memorable night in another way, as this was the first gig I took my wife too! She must have been impressed because we included a Lanterns on the Lake track on our wedding CD we gifted to our guests. Hopefully Bella Union’s lawyers aren’t reading this, otherwise I see a copyright case forthcoming. Just in case they are reading, I do know that at least two of the guests bought a Lanterns on the Lake album after the wedding!

By the way, I bought the Lanterns on the Lake with Royal Northern Sinfonia album in December and it’s brilliant!

Meanwhile back to Ojalá by Lost Horizons, while Messrs Raymonde and Thomas perform all the instrumentation, the vocal duties are undertaken by a stellar cast including Sharon Van Etten and  Tim Smith of Midlake, as well as Hazel Wilde from Lanterns on the Lake.

I gave the album a listen on Spotify and was instantly blown away by it, to such an extent that I ordered the album on vinyl that same evening, via my local record store, Plaid Room Records. So it should be making it’s way across the Atlantic in the next few days.

Here’s a video of Score the Sky from Ojalá 

I may be biased, okay I’m probably biased, but Stampede by Lost Horizons featuring Hazel Wilde is my favorite track, so I’m adding that to my 2018 Track of the Day playlist, which you can checkout below:





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