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Erika Wennerstrom – Extraordinary Love

Extraordinary Love by Erika Wennerstrom is today’s Track of the Day. This is another one of those tracks I discovered on my Facebook feed, this time the recommendation came from 89.7 WNKU, my go to radio station since I moved to Cincinnati in September 2014 through to it’s demise last October. I need to write a post about that station, watch this space!

Extraordinary Love is the first track to be released from Erika Wennerstrom’s forthcoming album, Sweet Unknown on the Partisan Records label This is her first solo album, for the past fifteen years she’s been leading the Heartless Bastards, who were initially formed in Cincinnati. They are now based in Austin Texas, but I did see them perform in Cincinnati a couple of years ago at the Midpoint Music Festival. If I remember rightly they performed in the grounds of the Christian Morelein brewery. At the time they were touring their Restless Ones album, which I bought a few days later and I still play on a regular basis.

As for Extraordinary Love, it’s an amazing track, lasting over six minutes, which, according to a Rolling Stone article was inspired a trip Erika Wennerstrom took through the Amazon, on an Ayahuasca retreat. OK, I have to admit that until reading the Rolling Stone article, I had no idea what Ayahuasca was.  A quick bit of research on t’interweb revealed that it wasn’t something I could indulge in, either here in the USA or back home in the UK.

The Rolling Stone article describes the track as a “droning technicolor epic” which is a pretty accurate description and I can’t wait to hear the full album when it is released in March.

In the meantime, here’s the video which supported the release of Extraordinary Love by Erika Wennerstrom.

And here’s my Track of the Day playlist:



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Midpoint Music Festival – Day One, and the verdict is……

Pretty damned awesome! This was my first Midpoint Music Festival and my second festival since crossing the pond from the UK. And I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There were so many highlights it’s hard to know where to start, so in time honored tradition, I’ll start at the beginning!

Day One – Friday

I kicked off my festival in Washington Park, where I caught the tail end of Nick Diamonds‘ set, followed by a mesmerizing performance by HANA. Here’s a video of her performing one the two tracks she’s released.

I then took a stroll down to the Christian Moerline brewery, mainly to catch the Heartless Bastards, who I’d been hearing on a regular basis since moving to Cincinnati. But before they hit the stage, Alberta Cross played a stonking set, really rocking the joint. I’ve just been reading about the band and it appears they’re fellow Englishmen, get in! Here’s their track Get Up High

As for the Heartless Bastards, what can I say, they more than lived up to expectations. From start to finish they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. They sound great from the tracks I’ve heard on the radio, but they sound so much better live, with vocalist, Erika Wennerstrom, sounding less smoother live. I wanted to say grittier, but that didn’t sound too good! The rest of the band sounded pretty awesome too!  They played a lot of songs from their latest album, Restless Ones, which I liked so much that, on getting home after the gig, I downloaded it and listened to it throughout the weekend.

Here’s Gates of Dawn from the Heartless Bastards

That was the first of many wallet emptiers over the weekend! So that as my first day at Midpoint Music Festival, not a bad start, but it got better on Saturday……

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