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Baby Please – Garrett T Capps

Baby Please by Garrett T Capps is my Track of the Day for today.

It’s my first in a while, but trust me, it’s a good one!

Until yesterday morning, I’d never heard of Garrett T Capps. I was listening to the latest episode of Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett (just to be clear, the podcast is called Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett, I wasn’t actually listening to Walking the Floor sat next to Chris Shiflett!) and before he kicked off his interview with Charley Crockett, he mentioned that he’d received an album from Garrett T Capps. So I thought I’d check said Mr Capps out, and I’m so glad I did.

I visited his website and apparently one of his songs, Born in San Antone featured in the opening episode of Billions. That was taken off his 2016 album Y Los Lonely Hipsters, now that’s an album title!

But Baby Please is off his most recent release LP, In The Shadows (Again). I found this on YouTube, and there’s a great video to accompany the track, check this out:

How good is that?

As well as sending his most recent album to Chris Shiflett, Garrett T Capps also sent him an album by Jerry Jeff Walker. Now, you’ll have to excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea who Jerry Jeff Walker is! So I had to find out. Well turns out, that amongst other things, he wrote Mr Bojangles! That’s a song I’ve heard quite a few times in my lifetime, mainly by Sammy Davies Junior or Sir Bruce Forsyth! In fact I’m pretty sure I saw Bruce Forsyth perform it live at the 2012 Hop Farm Festival

I have to say, by the way, this episode of Walking the Floor was excellent. Charley Crockett was a great interviewee and needless to say I checked him out too, and yes, my bank balance took a hit, as I ordered his latest album, Lonesome as a Shadow. And I can tell you now, my next Track of the Day is going to be by Charley Crockett!

But for today, it’s Baby Please by Garrett T Capps that’s being added to my Track of the Day 2018 playlist.



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My Top Ten Gigs of 2014, Part 4!

Now for the final part of My Top Ten Gigs of 2014. And my favorite gig of 2014 was…

Treetop Flyers at RiverMusic, Asheville, North Carolina. This was another 300 plus mile journey and once again well worth every minute of the six hour journey.
I first saw Treetop Flyers at the Hop Farm Festival in 2012, where I caught the tail end of their set.
The following year I saw them twice, firstly at the Americana Music Festival, where they appeared at the Bootleg BBQ, a showcase event for British acts. The event took place in a small field behind a record shop in Nashville. It was an intimate venue and the Treetop Flyers played a superb set.
The second time I saw them in 2013 was at Islington Assembly Hall, where they played a longer set to a well up for it home crowd. It was another great set by the Treetop Flyers, with the evening capped off by the band signing the vinyl single I purchased after the show.
The Asheville gig took place on the banks of the French Broad River and was part of Asheville’s RiverMusic festival. The journey to Asheville took me through the Smokey Mountains, and was a perfect road trip for playing The Mountain Moves.
Treetop Flyers - The Mountain Moves
Prior to the gig, I called in at 12 Bones River, a wicked BBQ joint, apparently frequented by Barack Obama whenever he visits Asheville. After finishing off my pulled pork and local craft beer, I started walking to towards the venue. Ten minutes later, the heavens opened and I had to seek shelter under a bridge, alongside the river. I was soon joined by a stag party from Washington and within minutes I was joining them in toasting the groom, however I bailed out when the wacky baccy was offered, and it’s a good job I did, as I was drug tested the next week, when I applied for a job.
It rained on and off for the rest of the evening, which led to a small turnout at the gig. When the support act, River Whyless started their set, there was probably less than 50 people watching them, which is a shame, as they were very good. While they were on, I was lucky enough to meet the Treetop Flyers and they were kind enough to let me take their photo.
012 (2)
The crowd had increased to a couple of hundred when the Treetop Flyers went on stage. They soon got the crowd warmed up and they played just about all of The Mountain Moves, my favourite album of 2013, including a great version of Things Will Change, which led into Proud Mary, the old Creedence Clearwater Revival classic.
They played a couple of new songs as well, which whetted the appetite for their next album, due for release in 2015. The highlight of the set for me was a rousing rendition of Haunted House, which they played just as night was falling, which further enhanced an already atmospheric song.
Here’s a couple of photos from the evening:
Despite the weather  and the small crowd, this was an awesome evening of music, and that’s why the Treetop Flyers set at RiverMusic in Asheville was my favorite gig of 2014

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