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Jon and Vangelis – Short Stories

I read earlier this week that it had been 35 years since Short Stories by Jon and Vangelis had been released. That’s another record in my collection, so I’ve chosen Short Stories as this week’s vinyl album to be transferred to my computer.

Jon and Vangelis - Short Stories






The album was released in 1980, I would have been 18 at the time, and was by then well into Yes, for whom Jon Anderson, was lead singer. I also seem to remember having a Best of Vangelis cassette, which featured a beautiful single called So Long Ago, So Clear. This originally appeared on Vangelis‘s Heaven and Hell album.

I Hear You Now was the big hit single from Short Stories, and it still sounds great, even now. Having listened to the rest of the album, over than the single, nothing stands out now for me. It was nice to hear the album again, but I can’t see me playing it again on a regular basis. However, I will add I Hear You Now to My Imaginary Jukebox.

And here’s a video featuring said song…


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