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TW3 Week 6

Well no posts this week, but still plenty going on in my world of music, definitely enough for TW3 Week 6!

I’ll start with my latest acquisitions from Black Plastic, this record store was definitely a good find! Last week I purchased these two classics:







Fragile by Yes and Talking Back to the Night by Steve Winwood. And the price for these two classic albums, less than $8! Why is there a bottle of Sprout relish in the photo? It’s there because I posted this photo to the Big Big Train Facebook group page, where Brussel Sprouts are a hot topic, and that was my contribution!

I found another neat record label, Signature SoundsOnce again I came across this courtesy of Noisetrade. I downloaded their Music Abounds sampler, which as well as including some of their recent releases, also includes some tracks from their forthcoming 20th Anniversary Collection:Rarities from the Second Decade.

Signature Sounds - 20th Anniversary Collection






I can’t remember where I came across Twin Peaks, but sometime during this last week, I downloaded their In the Morning(In the Evening) track, and I love it. Here you go, listen to this!


Joe Bonamassa is someone I’ve been curious about for a while, and earlier this week I downloaded a free album he’s released. I found out about this on my Facebook feed. There’s loads of great stuff on the album, but my favourite is Slow Train , from his An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House album.

Joe Bonamassa






Meanwhile in the twitterverse, I’ve acquired a few new followers from the music world. Firstly, the Dave Hanson Band has joined my illustrious list of followers. Check this out from the Dave Hanson Band 


The Dave Hanson Band are based in Leeds, England, whereas Hailey Whitters, another new follower is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Have a listen to this playlist, trust me it’s well worth a listen!


Back to England for another of my new followers, Wily Bo Walker, who is based in London. Mind you listen to this and you’ll think you’re down in New Orleans!

Anyway enough of twitter, the big news in my music world is that I’ve got a ticket to see the mighty Lord Huron, on their Strange Trails tour at, get this, The Ryman Auditorium! I’m going on another pilgrimage to the Mother Church!

So there goes another week in my world of music, TW3 – Week 6

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TW3 – Week 4

Well it’s time for another TW3, That Was The Week That Was, we’re now onto  TW3 -Week 4. So what happened last week on the music front?

I’ll start off with Brand X. I ordered their Nuclear Burn boxed set from Burning Shed records a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived last Thursday. It’s a four CD set, featuring their first five studio albums and first live album , plus 4 tracks from a couple of BBC sessions they did.

Brand X - Nuclear Burn








The five studio albums being Unorthodox Behavior,Morrocan Roll,Masques,Product and Do They Hurt. The live album being Livestock. I already own Product on vinyl, and I’ve been meaning to get some more of their releases for years, so when the Nuclear Burn boxed set came out, it was a no brainer. Having listened to the CDs a few times now, Product is my favorite, but I think that’s more down to familiarity then anything else. Have I ever told you, I’ve seen Brand X live? No, well that will be remedied soon enough, when I start a page going through my past gigs & concerts! Anyway here’s And So to F… from Product by Brand X

At the weekend I downloaded another sampler from Noisetrade, this time from Forty Below Records

Forty Below Records - Vol.1










There were a couple of familiar names on the sampler, John Mayall and Walter Trout, but the stand out tracks for me were Bright Light of Day by Anne McCue, Sure Thing by Sam Morrow and The Weight of Changing Everything by Tim Easton.

I checked out Anne McCue on Soundcloud and found this great track.

Check out her website as well, it’s got a cool video on the homepage!

I found this on Tim Easton‘s Soundcloud account, which brings back memories of a few festivals!

And here’s Sam Morrow with a live version of Sure Thing.


I got another free download at the weekend, again courtesy of Noisetrade, from Slospeak Records

Slospeak - Slospeak in the Sky with Diamonds










It’s a four track sampler of live acoustic recordings, called Slospeak in the Sky with Diamonds. Apparently all four tracks will be on American Airlines in-flight audio, which is pretty neat. All four songs are good, but it’s the first of the four, Hypnotized by Fever Fever which is my favorite. And even better, they’re from Ohio! And here they are:


On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the American Originals concert, celebrating the works of Stephen Foster, at Cincinnati Music Hall. You can read my review here.


Earlier in the week I heard of the death of Demis Roussos. Most Brits remember him for numerous cheesy pop songs in 1970s and 1980s, but prior to that he was a founder member of Aphrodite’s Child, a progressive rock group, who also had a keyboard player by the name of Vangelis. Here’s a great track, The Four Horsemen, from their third album 666: Apocalypse of St John.

Finally, I’ve got to mention the trailer for the new Lord Huron album. I’m a big fan of Lord Huron, so I was well excited when news of this trailer appeared on my Facebook feed. Check it out, I defy you not to be the slightest bit intrigued! If you subscribe to the StrangeTrails.com website, you can download The Night We Met, which I assume is from their next album.

Lord Huron - The Night We Met










So TW3 Week 4, That Was The Week That Was my week in music!

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TW3 – Week 3

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies. That’s me showing off my CSE Latin! We’re now three weeks into 2015, so time for another review of my week in music, TW3 – Week 3

Firstly, we’ll take a trip down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. A colleague of my wife’s hails from New Orleans and went back home to New Orleans. On returning to work, he brought Tara, my wife, and her colleagues, a “King of Carnival King Cake Package” from Haydels Bakery, which apparently is one of the top bakeries in New Orleans. Anyway, as well as containing a delicious King Cake and loads of other carnival goodies, there was also a Mardi Gras 2015 CD, featuring a band called Bag of Donuts! And it’s pretty damned good too!

On Saturday I downloaded a sampler from Mishara Music, which was excellent. You can find out more about it in my earlier post here.

My favorite track on the Mishara Music sampler was There’s a Rumor by The August Empire. So on Monday I downloaded their album Before the Hereafter and to say I like it would be an understatement. I love it! From start to finish there’s not a bad track on the album.  I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought this album. I must have listened to it seven or eight times already and I’m finding something new every time. The August Empire consist of Liz Constantine & Dante Marchi. Apparently the album was released back in August 2013, how did I miss it!?

The August Empire - Before the Hereafter






There are loads of great performances on the album, but their version of Pink Floyd‘s classic Comfortably Numb is superb. This is a cover that’s as good as, if not better than the original. Yes, it’s that good!



I’ve tweeted about this album a couple of times now and on both occasions, The August Empire and Liz Constantine, have re tweeted and favorited my tweet, which is cool. Even cooler was Liz Constantine replying to one of the tweets!

I still need to find out if the Trevor Rabin mentioned on their website is THE Trevor Rabin. So if you read this Liz Constantine, please let me know!

And sticking with Twitter, Ken Yates, another artist on the Mishara Music label also followed me. I also got a follower from Stone Mountain, Georgia, Kelley Swindall, who’s well worth a listen. Check this video out, and see what you think

Moving away from the States to Europe, in particular, Germany, I got an Alternative Progressive Rock band, Fire on Dawson following me on twitter. I’ve not listened to all their music on Soundcloud yet, but I did like this track:

While we’re talking Prog Rock, I forgot to mention last week, that Yes, one of the original Prog Rock bands, are now following me on twitter. How cool is that?

Revelry Magazine is my most recent follower, this is a weekly music and entertainment magazine, based in Lexington, Kentucky. I don’t think I’m too far away from Lexington, so hopefully I’ll find out about any decent gigs and festivals in Kentucky.

One more new Twitter follower I’ve got to mention is my wife’s cousin Tobie, who, with her husband Jerome, bought us the book, “All the Songs, The Story Behind Every Beatles Release“, as a Wedding present. That’s what I call a wicked Wedding present!











Talking of our wedding, we compiled a CD of tracks by our favorite acts who we’d seen live since we started courting. One of the tracks was by Ellen and the Escapades, and earlier this week, I came across this video of them performing their version of Fleetwood Mac‘s Dreams. It was done as part of Bob Harris‘s Under the Apple Tree Sessions. Check this out, it’s a brilliant version of a classic song…


Finally, I’ve got to show you this trailer from one of my favorite bands, Lord Huron.  Watch this, and I defy you not to be a least a little bit curious!

So, as far as my music is concerned, that was the week that was! TW3 Week 3

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