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The Doobie Brothers – Best of the Doobies

Over the past couple of months I’ve bought quite a few second hand albums featuring songs I’d like in My Imaginary Jukebox, so this post and the next few will be about those albums.

I’m kicking off with Best of the Doobies by The Doobie Brothers. It features three of my all time favorites, China Grove, Long Train Running and Listen to the Music. I’ve got Long Train Running in my download collection, as part of the Ultimate Drivetime album, but none of the other two, so I thought this album would be a great addition to my vinyl collection.











Looking at the album, it was released in 1976! I can’t remember hearing any of these tracks when they were first released, but they were radio staples throughout the late 70s and early 80s. Now I’m living in America, I hear them quite a lot on one of the the local radio stations in Cincinnati I listen to.

So far I’ve been picking one track per album for My Imaginary Jukebox, so sticking to that rule, I’m adding China Grove by The Doobie Brothers to My Imaginary Jukebox.


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Electric Light Orchestra – A New World Record

A New World Record by Electric Light Orchestra was one of the first albums I bought. It was released in September 1976, but I seem to remember buying it with my “birthday money” on my 16th birthday in 1977.











Throughout that year the Electric Light Orchestra were constantly being played on BBC Radio 1, with three singles being released  off A New World Record. I’ll have to check, but I’m sure I’ve got the Telephone Line single in my collection.

Listening to A New World Record now, I have to say it still sounds great and the album cover still looks pretty awesome, with the now famous ELO logo making it’s first appearance.

One thing I do remember about the album is that the last track on the album, Shangri-la was one of my “go to” tracks if ever something went astray (being turned down!/being dumped!) with my teenage love life! Another thing I remember is the line “faded like the Beatles in Hey Jude“, one of the lyrics from Shangri-la. It’s funny what sticks in the memory…

I’m trying to stick to one song off an album if I add a track to My Imaginary Jukebox, but it’s quite hard with A New World Record. It was released in September 1976, but I seem to remember buying it with my “birthday money” on my 16th birthday in 1977.. Telephone Line, Rockaria! & Livin’ Thing were all great singles, but of those three Livin’ Thing is my favorite.

So Livin’ Thing from A New World Record by Electric Light Orchestra is the next track in My Imaginary Jukebox.

Check this out to remind yourself what a great track it is…


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Steve Winwood – Talking Back to the Night

Talking Back to the Night by Steve Winwood is the latest record I’ve uploaded to my computer. I bought the album, last week, at the Black Plastic record store, which has a brilliant collection of old and new vinyl.

Steve Winwood - Talking Back to the Night










I first heard Talking Back to the Night pretty soon after it was first released in August 1982. A guy I used to knock around with back in the early eighties was a big music fan, and I remember hearing this round at his house and borrowing the album a few days later. I think I taped it on to a cassette (remember them?), but I’ve long since lost it, along with all my other old cassettes.

The most well known track from the album is Valerie, which appeared on many a “soft rock” compilation. In fact I have it on a Soft Rock Anthems CD. My favorite track though is the title track, Talking Back To The Night (Remix Version), which I’m going to add to My Imaginary Jukebox.

Having listened to the album again, I’m glad I bought it (for the grand total of $1.95 plus tax!), and it was good to listen to it again, but I can’t see me playing it on a regular basis.

Here’s the remixed version of Talking Back To The Night (Remix Version)


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Jefferson Starship – Freedom at Point Zero

As mentioned in my Near Vinyl Heaven post, I recently purchased a new turntable, a Sony PS-LX300USB, and have finally got chance to play my old vinyl albums for the first time since I moved to America in January 2014.

My new turntable enables me to transfer all my vinyl onto my computer, so for each album I do this, I’ll be doing a short post on the album. They’ll be transferred in no particular order, as following moves from Gainsborough to York, in England, from York to Columbus, Georgia and finally onto Cincinnati, Ohio, any order they were first in has now completely gone to pot!

The first album I’ve pulled out is:

Freedom at Point Zero by Jefferson Starship

Jefferson Starship - Freedom at Point Zero






I bought this album on the strength of the first single taken from the album, Jane, which I first heard at a dingy venue called the Porterhouse, at Retford, in England. This was a favorite haunt of mine in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was into heavy rock/metal at the time and often went to the Porterhouse for gigs. In between acts they had a “DJ” playing a combination of classic rock and new rock/metal tracks.

Looking at the album cover, it was released in 1979, so I’m guessing I would have bought this late that year or early 1980.

Jane kicks off side one of the album, but it’s the second track of the album, Lightning Rose, which is my personal favorite. Listening to the album again, side one is by far superior of the two, with the remaining two tracks, Things to Come and Awakening, still sounding great.

It was obviously the side I played most often, as I remembered all the lyrics from side one and none of the songs from side two!

Jane is a single I’d love to have on my jukebox, if I had one! In the absence of a jukebox, I’ve started a Spotify playlist called My Imaginary Jukebox and Jane by Jefferson Starship is the first track in there.


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