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TW3 – Week 4

Well it’s time for another TW3, That Was The Week That Was, we’re now onto  TW3 -Week 4. So what happened last week on the music front?

I’ll start off with Brand X. I ordered their Nuclear Burn boxed set from Burning Shed records a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived last Thursday. It’s a four CD set, featuring their first five studio albums and first live album , plus 4 tracks from a couple of BBC sessions they did.

Brand X - Nuclear Burn








The five studio albums being Unorthodox Behavior,Morrocan Roll,Masques,Product and Do They Hurt. The live album being Livestock. I already own Product on vinyl, and I’ve been meaning to get some more of their releases for years, so when the Nuclear Burn boxed set came out, it was a no brainer. Having listened to the CDs a few times now, Product is my favorite, but I think that’s more down to familiarity then anything else. Have I ever told you, I’ve seen Brand X live? No, well that will be remedied soon enough, when I start a page going through my past gigs & concerts! Anyway here’s And So to F… from Product by Brand X

At the weekend I downloaded another sampler from Noisetrade, this time from Forty Below Records

Forty Below Records - Vol.1










There were a couple of familiar names on the sampler, John Mayall and Walter Trout, but the stand out tracks for me were Bright Light of Day by Anne McCue, Sure Thing by Sam Morrow and The Weight of Changing Everything by Tim Easton.

I checked out Anne McCue on Soundcloud and found this great track.

Check out her website as well, it’s got a cool video on the homepage!

I found this on Tim Easton‘s Soundcloud account, which brings back memories of a few festivals!

And here’s Sam Morrow with a live version of Sure Thing.


I got another free download at the weekend, again courtesy of Noisetrade, from Slospeak Records

Slospeak - Slospeak in the Sky with Diamonds










It’s a four track sampler of live acoustic recordings, called Slospeak in the Sky with Diamonds. Apparently all four tracks will be on American Airlines in-flight audio, which is pretty neat. All four songs are good, but it’s the first of the four, Hypnotized by Fever Fever which is my favorite. And even better, they’re from Ohio! And here they are:


On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the American Originals concert, celebrating the works of Stephen Foster, at Cincinnati Music Hall. You can read my review here.


Earlier in the week I heard of the death of Demis Roussos. Most Brits remember him for numerous cheesy pop songs in 1970s and 1980s, but prior to that he was a founder member of Aphrodite’s Child, a progressive rock group, who also had a keyboard player by the name of Vangelis. Here’s a great track, The Four Horsemen, from their third album 666: Apocalypse of St John.

Finally, I’ve got to mention the trailer for the new Lord Huron album. I’m a big fan of Lord Huron, so I was well excited when news of this trailer appeared on my Facebook feed. Check it out, I defy you not to be the slightest bit intrigued! If you subscribe to the StrangeTrails.com website, you can download The Night We Met, which I assume is from their next album.

Lord Huron - The Night We Met










So TW3 Week 4, That Was The Week That Was my week in music!

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SideOneDummy Records

I’ve just come across SideOneDummy Records courtesy of NoiseTrade and their Weekend Edition which featured a Winter Sampler by SideOneDummy Records.

Side One Dummy - Winter-Sampler






I’ve just downloaded it, you can download it for free, but I like to leave a tip.Here’s the link  I was initially drawn to the sampler as it had a track by Chuck Ragan on it. I saw Chuck Ragan as part of the Revival Tour in 2011, when he was excellent, so thought I’d check this out.

The Revival Tour 2011






His track on this sampler, You and I Alone, was worth the price of the tip alone, it’s brilliant! And I’ve just found out that Chuck Ragan is playing the Southgate House Revival next Friday, so I could well be seeing him live

Just listening to the rest of the sampler and there’s a track called Gold by Jaws which I’m drawn to, together with a track by Superheaven called In On It.

I’ve just signed up for the SideOneDummy Records newsletter, so I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it. In the meantime, here’s a youtube video of Chuck Ragan


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TW3 Week 1

TW3 Week 1TW3? What’s that all about? TW3 = That Was The Week That Was, the title of a 1960’s satirical TV programme. I thought I’d use it to summarize, on a weekly basis, what I’d been up to on the music front.

So, we’re now a week into 2015, what have I been up to?

Well, I’ve downloaded a couple of albums and ordered a boxed set of cds as well.

My first download of 2015 was by Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo. It’s a live album recorded at Swindon Arts Centre in November 2011.

Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo - Live at Swindon Arts Centre






I’m a big fan of Emily Barker. I’ve seen her perform live a couple of times, firstly in September 2013 at the Americana Music Festival, as part of the BBC Introducing Showcase, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville and then again the following month at St John the Evangelist Church in Oxford. Both gigs were excellent, so it was great to be able to get a live album from Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo. I’d thoroughly recommend this album, I’ve embedded it below,

I’ve also copied a post I did on my old website reviewing the two Emily Barker gigs I saw, you can see it here

I got my second download from Noisetrade, it was an introductory sample of songs from River Whyless, a band I saw last year in Asheville, North Carolina supporting the Treetop Flyers.

I really enjoyed their set when I saw them live, and this is a great introduction to their music. Once again, I’ve embedded the album


As for the boxed set of CDs I’ve ordered, these are by Brand XPhil Collins‘ jazz rock fusion band from 1975  to 1982. The boxed set is called Nuclear Burn and contains their first five albums. Once  I get this, I’ll provide more details

Brand X - Nuclear Burn






So that’s what I’ve been up to on the music front this week….

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