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Yours Dreamily – The Arcs

Loving Yours Dreamily by The Arcs, the latest CD of the Month from WNKU.

And have I ever told you, I’ve seen Dan Auerbach live? Well I have, a couple of times in fact.


Firstly, I saw him with the Black Keys at Glastonbury Festival in 2011, although I have to confess I don’t recall much of the set, due to a combination of tiredness and alcohol! So as a reminder, how about this…


The second time was much more memorable, I saw him perform with Dr John in the Ryman Auditorium at the 2013 Americana Music Awards, and that was one hell of a performance, check this out…


As for Yours Dreamily, I don’t think there’a duff track on the album, but my favorite is Chains of Love, which features Mariachi Flor de Toloache in the chorus. I’ve just a read a review by Rolling Stone and they describe them as “ghostly Shangri-Las“, which is a pretty neat, and apt, description! I’ve just checked  out Mariachi Flor de Toloache, and apparently they’re the first all-female Mariachi bandso that’s as good an excuse as any to share this…

Meanwhile, back to The Arcs, and I’ll sign off with the official video for Outta My Mind


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TW3 Week 6

Well no posts this week, but still plenty going on in my world of music, definitely enough for TW3 Week 6!

I’ll start with my latest acquisitions from Black Plastic, this record store was definitely a good find! Last week I purchased these two classics:







Fragile by Yes and Talking Back to the Night by Steve Winwood. And the price for these two classic albums, less than $8! Why is there a bottle of Sprout relish in the photo? It’s there because I posted this photo to the Big Big Train Facebook group page, where Brussel Sprouts are a hot topic, and that was my contribution!

I found another neat record label, Signature SoundsOnce again I came across this courtesy of Noisetrade. I downloaded their Music Abounds sampler, which as well as including some of their recent releases, also includes some tracks from their forthcoming 20th Anniversary Collection:Rarities from the Second Decade.

Signature Sounds - 20th Anniversary Collection






I can’t remember where I came across Twin Peaks, but sometime during this last week, I downloaded their In the Morning(In the Evening) track, and I love it. Here you go, listen to this!


Joe Bonamassa is someone I’ve been curious about for a while, and earlier this week I downloaded a free album he’s released. I found out about this on my Facebook feed. There’s loads of great stuff on the album, but my favourite is Slow Train , from his An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House album.

Joe Bonamassa






Meanwhile in the twitterverse, I’ve acquired a few new followers from the music world. Firstly, the Dave Hanson Band has joined my illustrious list of followers. Check this out from the Dave Hanson Band 


The Dave Hanson Band are based in Leeds, England, whereas Hailey Whitters, another new follower is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Have a listen to this playlist, trust me it’s well worth a listen!


Back to England for another of my new followers, Wily Bo Walker, who is based in London. Mind you listen to this and you’ll think you’re down in New Orleans!

Anyway enough of twitter, the big news in my music world is that I’ve got a ticket to see the mighty Lord Huron, on their Strange Trails tour at, get this, The Ryman Auditorium! I’m going on another pilgrimage to the Mother Church!

So there goes another week in my world of music, TW3 – Week 6

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My Top Ten Gigs of 2014, Part Three!

And now for the third part of My Top Ten Gigs of 2014

2. Band of Horses at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Even now, I still can’t believe I’ve been to a gig at the Ryman Auditorium, aka the Mother Church. I wanted to make sure my first gig at the Ryman Auditorium was something special, so when I found out Band of Horses were playing there, I tried to get a ticket straight away. I couldn’t get one through the normal outlets and ended up paying over the odds for a ticket, but it turned out to be well worth it.

I first came across Band of Horses, the previous year, while I was staying in Columbus, Georgia. I found a cool coffee shop, Fountain City Coffee, and on my first visit, they were playing a track in the background, that immediately grabbed my attention. It turned out to be Is There a Ghost from their 2007 album Cease to Begin. I downloaded the album as soon as I got home and have downloaded all their other albums since, including their most recent Live at the Ryman.

I traveled over 350 miles to get to the gig and it was worth every minute of the six hour journey. Their support, Sera Cahoone was superb and Band of Horses, were every bit as good as I hoped they would be. The acoustics in the Ryman were amazing, and the respect the band had for the venue was palpable. They were on stage for about two hours and I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout those two hours, with the combination of the great music and being in the hallowed Mother Church. This was a night that will stay with me for a very long time!

Here’s a link to a youtube video from that night:


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