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Kscope, Vol.9

Kscope, Vol.9 has the honor of being my first download of the year and for the grand sum of $4.99 there’s a helluva lot of music, 12 tracks in total. Kscope describe themselves as Post-Progressive Sounds on their website. I’m not a huge fan of the current prog scene, so I don’t tend to find out about any new bands, apart from recommendations through the Big Big Train Facebook group, so the Kscope samplers are a good way of dipping into some of the latest releases.

Having listened to the album a few times now, there are, for me, a couple of stand out tracks.

Firstly Tear Down the Grey Skies by Tangerine Dream. I’ve always liked Tangerine Dream, I have two of their albums in my vinyl collection, Tangram and White Eagle, which I have to admit I haven’t played in a while, but hearing this track has made me want to give them an airing.

The second track to grab my attention was Things People Want by Paul Draper, who is someone I’ve never heard of before. Having checked out the blurb on the Kscope website apparently he used to be the lead singer of Mansun, who I’ve heard of, but can’t recall any of their stuff! This track is taken from his album Spooky Action, which I may be tempted to buy. This could be one of those occasions where I give it a listen on Spotify before making a final decision.

There is a live Pineapple Thief track on the album, Alone at Sea, which I quite liked, but I’m not a fan of hearing isolated extracts from live albums, much preferring to hear the full album, but Pineapple Thief is a band I do want to hear more from, I have got a sampler featuring some of their tracks and some from Bruce Soord, one of the group members.

It was through an earlier Kscope sampler that I came across Bruce Soord’s solo album, which was one of my favorite albums of 2016

Talking of Spotify, I’ve started a new playlist for 2018 Tracks of the Day and I’m kicking it off with Things People Want by Paul Draper

I’ve just been on the Paul Draper website and by signing on too his mailing list I’ve got a download of a track from his first EP, called The Silence is Deafening.

Sorry just got sidetracked there, here’s the link to my 2018 Tracks of the Day playlist


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Tangerine Dream – Tangram

My two previous vinyl selections have been random, but my third, Tangram by Tangerine Dream, I picked out deliberately. The reason being that last night, Edgar Froese, one of Tangerine Dream‘s founders died at the age of 70. Like so much of the music I bought in the 1970’s, I first heard Tangerine Dream on Tommy Vance‘s Friday Night Rock Show. The track he played was Cloudburst Flight from their Force Majeure album, released in 1979. That’s one of my favorite instrumental tracks of all time.

Much as I like Cloudburst Flight, I prefer the album Tangram, released a year later, over Force Majeure. Listening to it now, Tangram still sounds fresh and original. This was their fifth best selling album of all time and actually made it to the UK’s top 40 album chart for five weeks.

Tangerine Dream - Tangram










Tangerine Dream were formed in 1967,Edgar Froese was a founding member and only constant member throughout it’s nearly sixty year existence. The band released in excess of 100 albums, together with quite a few movies soundtracks, and most recently the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto V.

Edgar Froese – 1944 to 2015 – RIP




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