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The Gloaming – 2

I know it’s been a while since my lost post, but I’ve a good excuse, I’ve been on my holidays, or vacation, as they call it this side of the Atlantic. I spent the second week of my holiday in Ireland and while I was there I paid a visit to a cool record store in Cork, called Plugd, the cafe in the same building was called Gulpd which I thought was pretty neat.

One of the albums I bought was The Gloaming’s second album, 2. Not the most original title, but it’s a cracking album.

The Gloaming - 2










The Gloaming have two major factors in their favor as far as I’m concerned, firstly their albums are released by Real World Records, one of my favorite labels and secondly, their vocalist, Iarla O Lionaird, used to be a member of Afro-Celt Sound System, who I love! Have I ever told you I’ve seen them live? It was at a Fleadh in Finsbury Park, back in 2001, if memory serves me right.

As for the album itself, one word, beautiful. I’ve just read a review from the Guardian, who call it “an exquisite album from a virtuoso band”. I can’t argue with that!

I’ve just found another reason to love this band, here in America, they’re signed to Brassland Records, a record label started by the Dessner Brothers of The National, another of my favorite bands. Have I ever told you….

The Brassland Records website has a page devoted to notes on the album’s songs by Iarla O Lionaird. One of the notes which particularly appealed to me was about the song  Fainleog (Wanderer), which is about a “superhero of the ancient gaelic world Fionn Ma Cumhail, who apparently coined the phrase, that the most valuable thing in all of creation was The Music of What happens. Now I’ve never heard that phrase before, but again I can’t argue with that!



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Return to the Moon – El Vy

My Track of the Day today is Return to the Moon by El Vy, another track which I first heard on WKNU. As a fan of The National, I’m a big fan of Matt Berninger’s vocals. I must admit I’ve never heard of Brent Knopf, the other half of El Vy, but I have to say I just love this track!











I have to confess that one of the reasons for liking this song so much is that it contains a couple of references to Cincinnati, my new home town!

And have I ever told you….

Yes, I’ve seen The National a couple of times, once in Atlanta, when they headlined The Shaky Knees Festival and then more recently, here in Cincinnati as part of the MusicNow weekend. That was one great night, hearing The National play with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the Cincinnati Music Hall.

Anyway, here’s Return to the Moon


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