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The Tillers – Revolution Row

Revolution Row by The Tillers is my Track of the Day.

It’s a track taken from their forthcoming self-titled album being released on March 23rd.

The Tillers were the first band I saw live when I moved to Cincinnati three and a half years ago, to say they blew me away was a bit of an understatement. I’ve seen them numerous times since at venues around the area, including my local record store, Plaid Room Records, at their Sayler Park Sustains Festival and on Pokey LaFarge’s Central Time tour. Each time I’ve seen them, they’ve played an excellent set and have had a great rapport with the crowd.

Being a Brit, I’m not always sure about some of the places and people The Tillers sing about, but I’ve probably found out more about real Cincinnati/Ohio River history from their lyrics than any history textbook.

I’ve always been a fan of what I call “peoples’ bands”, bands that have a devoted loyal following with their feet well and truly on the ground that sing songs about real people and real situations, and bands that toured and played live relentlessly to hone their craft Back in the UK, I was a big fan of Lindisfarne, then the Saw Doctors, from Ireland, and more locally from my home county, The Band From County Hell.

When I came to Cincinnati I wondered whether I would find a similar such band, and in The Tillers I did. I’ve bought three of their albums so far, By The Signs, Live at the Southgate House Revival and most recently Hand on the Plow.

There’s a neat piece in No Depression about The Tillers and I can’t wait to hear their new album, but in the meantime, take a listen to this:

How good was that?

Pretty damned good if you ask, and that’s why  Revolution Row by The Tillers is being added to my Track of the Day 2018 playlist

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Frontier Folk Nebraska – Ghost on the Tap

Ghost on the Tap by Frontier Folk Nebraska is today’s Track of the Day.

I heard this for the first time earlier this afternoon, it was the last track played on this week’s edition of the  Cincy Music Spotlight podcast, hosed by Venomous Valdez.

Prior to this I’d never heard anything by Frontier Folk Nebraska, but have to say I was blown away by this track. Having looked at their website, it looks like this track was released as part of a Record Store Day split single with The Tillers, one of my favorite local bands. The vinyl is sold out, so I’ve just downloaded the track from their Bandcamp page.

As I type this I’m listening to their Live at the Southgate House Revival album and it’s a corker. This is one band I’ll be checking out later this year for sure.

One thing is for sure, they ain’t a folk band! And they’re from just over the river in Covington, Kentucky.

So check this out, my Track of the Day is Ghost on the Tap by Frontier Folk Nebraska





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Midpoint Music Festival

Okay, I’m more than a little excited, I’ve just bought my ticket for the Midpoint Music Festival, being held on 25-27 September in Cincinnati. The reasons for the excitement, well firstly, one of my favorite live acts, Pokey LaFarge is appearing at Washington Park on the Sunday evening. This will be my fourth time seeing Pokey LaFarge, I first saw him in Leeds, England at Brudenell Social Club. As well as a brilliant performance from Pokey LaFarge, the night was memorable due to a great performance from the support band, Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra and also for me protecting my date, and future wife, from a group of drunken Yorkshiremen!

By the time we saw Pokey LaFarge the second time, we’d moved to Columbus, Georgia. We made a 100 mile trip to see him at a great venue, just outside Atlanta, called Eddie’s Attic. This was another great evening’s entertainment,and one which was thoroughly enjoyed by our two sons. The last time, we saw Pokey LaFarge was on his Central Time Tour,at Middletown, Ohio. By this time, we’d moved to Cincinnati, so this was virtually on our doorstep. Once again this was a great evening, featuring another favorite of mine, Dom Flemons, and a group that soon became favorites, The Tillers.









So needless to say I’m looking forward to seeing Pokey LaFarge!

My second reason for getting so stoked is that I finally get to see The Besnard Lakes, I’ve been dying to see The Besnard Lakes for a few years now. I’ve got a couple of their albums, The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse and The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night , and they’re both brilliant and I can’t wait to see them live. They’re appearing at Washington Park on Saturday afternoon.

The Besnard Lakes - are the Dark Horse











The Besnard Lakes - are the Roaring Night










These are just two reasons for getting my ticket to the Midpoint Music Festival and I’m sure you’ll be hearing alot more from me about it over the next few weeks!

And to finish with, how about some Pokey LaFarge, here’s the title track from his latest album, Something in the Water….


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TW3 – Week 5

And now we’re into February, and it’s time for another look at my week in music, with TW3 – Week 5!

So, what’s been happening on the music front in my life? I’ve found a cool podcast full of music from local bands, got a couple of decent albums from Black Plastic in downtown Cincinnati and found another decent record label, complete with a cracking sampler.

Okay, first of all, the podcast. It’s a weekly podcast from CincyMusic.compresented by “prominent local music veteran”, Venomous Valdez. Standout tracks from the most recent podcast were I Want to Know my Father’s Name by Blue Caboose, Old Lady & the Devil by The Tillers and  Long John Blues by Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle

CincyMusic.com also have a free weekly download, this week’s being Lazarus Capri by Edison, which is well worth a listen



Staying local in Cincinnati (I love saying that!), for the past few weeks I’ve been meaning to call in at Black Plastic records on Hamilton Avenue, as I drive past it tow or three times a week. Last Friday I finally paid it a visit, albeit for ten minutes, and came out with these two gems, Tormato
by Yes and Octoberon
by Barclay James Harvest, for less than $8! I’ve a funny feeling I may be calling again!












As for that cracking sampler, it came from Muddy Roots.They released a free download in collaboration with Roots Union, entitled Muddy Waters Music.


Muddy Roots Music Recordings - Sampler










I’ve listen to the whole album half a dozen times over the past few days and I’ve not skipped a track once which says a lot. If I have to pick a couple of highlights, I would plump firstly for Southern Queen by The Hardin Draw and Autumn Time by the Urban Pioneers.


The Hardin Draw: “Southern Queen” from Joshua Ferg on Vimeo.

Meanwhile in the land of Facebook, I came across this wicked cover of Prince’s Purple Rain by one of my favorite bands, The Waterboys. Cop a load of this recorded at the BBC Radio 2 studios

And staying in the UK, or to be more precise England, I got a download from Show of Hands after signing up to their newsletter. I’ve seen Show of Hands a couple of times, once in my home town of Gainsborough and once at Glastonbury Festival, on both occasions they were excellent.  On their website, there’s this quote from The Independent –  Show of Hands are undeniably one of the strongest current forces in acoustic music – England’s finest and most popular roots duo and something of a “people’s band”. The nearest equivalent I’ve seen since moving to the USA are The Tillers. If you want to enjoy English roots music at it’s best, you need to check this album out.

The download comes with a booklet containing lyrics to all the songs, which all have English roots apart from one, Lonesome Stockade Blues, which is a traditional American song. And get this, where is the Stockade Prison they’re singing about? It’s in Columbus, Georgia, where I lived for eight months (in Columbus, not in the stockade!) prior to moving to Cincinnati! I love stuff like that, call it coincidence, serendipity, whatever, I think it’s neat!

Another of the songs on the album, Train, also appears on their Dark Fields album, which I have in my collection.


Show of Hands - Dark Fields


Show of Hands - Roots






The other album by Show of Hands I have is roots: the best of show.. a live album, which features this gem….



And there you have it, another TW3 in the world of TonyNewboultMusic

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Top Ten Gigs of 2014, Part Two

Following on from my last post, here’s Part Two of my Top Ten Gigs of 2014.

5 – Leo and Anto at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia. One of my favorite live bands is the Saw Doctors, who are currently taking a well earned break after 25 years of touring. 2013 must have been the first year for god knows how many that I hadn’t seen them live, so when I saw that Leo Moran and Antony Thistlethwaite, from the band, were appearing in Atlanta, I immediately purchased tickets.

The gig took place in a great little venue, ideal for the intimate acoustic set performed by Leo and Anto. They played a mixture of Saw Doctors songs, some off their own two albums and also a couple of Waterboys tracks, as Anto used to be a member of the Waterboys. There were so many great moments throughout the evening, but my own favorites were a rousing version of Clare Island and a great version of Fisherman’s Blues.

It may not have been a full blown Saw Doctors gig, but it certainly was a damned fine alternative. And I got my photo took with Leo and Anto! Wicked!
Tony & AntoTony & Leo       005

4 – Steve Hackett on his Genesis Revisited tour at the Atlanta Symphony Hall, Georgia. My all time favorite band is Genesis, and the chances of me seeing them again live are fairly remote, so this to me was my last chance of hearing some of the songs from the classic Genesis line up of Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett and Rutherford, performed by one of it’s original members.

I’d seen Steve Hackett on his Genesis Revisited tour the previous year in Liverpool, and that was superb, but this set was even better. Every song received a standing ovation from the appreciative American crowd. There were a number of occasions throughout the gig when I, along with loads of other members of the audience, had tear-filled eyes listening to some of the classic Genesis back catalog. Of these, the epic Supper’s Ready was out of this world, it was simply stunning. If I never get to see Genesis again, this was a fine farewell!

001 (2) Steve Hackett 3


3. Pokey LaFarge‘s Central Time Tour at the Finkelman Auditorium, Miami University, Middletown Ohio. I’ve been lucky enough to see Pokey LaFarge a couple of times already, once on both sides of the Atlantic, in Leeds, Yorkshire and in Decatur, Georgia. On both occasions, they were both great gigs. This evening was no exception, the poster below shows the artists who performed throughout the evening, and there was not a duff performance amongst them. Dom Flemons did a superb job as Master of Ceremonies, as well as performing a few numbers of his album. The Loot Rock Gang were excellent, as were The Cajun Country Revival.

The Tillers were given the honor of being the main support act as they were a local Cincinnati band, and they were amazing! They had a lot of loyal support in the audience and they certainly did Cincinnati proud.

And needless to say Pokey Lafarge and his band were spot on once again! The Central Time Tour was a great idea and I certainly hope that it’s something that Pokey LaFarge will undertake again, if he does, I’ll be there!

Pokey Lafarge Central Time poster


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Top Ten Gigs of 2014, part one!

After yesterday’s Top Ten Albums of 2014, it’s now time for my Top Ten Gigs of 2014. This is a somewhat harder list to compile as I can just play an album to remind myself how good it is, whereas with a gig I’m reliant on my memory, never a good idea!

Apart from the first ten days of the year, all of 2014 has been spent in the USA. I’ve managed to see gigs in five states and went to my first festival in America. For both of the top two gigs on my list I traveled in excess of 300 miles, and yes both were well worth the journey!

So here’s my Top Ten Gigs of 2014, numbers 10 to 6:

10 – Gaslight Anthem at the Shaky Knees Festival in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Shaky Knees Festival was my first festival in America and was also the first festival I’d been to which was held on concrete and throughout which I stayed in a hotel, as there was no camping! But after my initial misgivings it proved to be a great weekend. I’ve seen Gaslight Anthem a few times now, but their one hour slot on the Friday night at the Shaky Knees Festival was one of the best. My particular highlight being a wicked version on The Animals‘ classic, House of the Rising Sun.

9 – Darius Rucker at the US Cellular Center in Asheville, North Carolina. We took our niece, Alexandra, to see Darius Rucker for her Christmas present. I’ve been a fan of Darius Rucker since hearing his Charleston, SC, 1966 album, which was the soundtrack of my summer of 2013, when I spent three months in Georgia, with my then fiance. Southern State of Mind being one of my all time favorite songs. He played this, along with many other songs from the Charleston album, together with songs from his latest album, True Believers. All of which went down a storm, but the high spot for me was when he performed a couple of Hootie and the Blowfish songs, awesome!

8. – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero at the Shaky Knees Festival. This is a set I won’t forget in a long time. I’ve been to loads of gigs in my lifetime, but haven’t seen a lead singer as frenzied as Alex Ebert. The whole set had the air of a religious experience, with the Alex Ebert, aka Edward Sharpe being the Messiah! Added surrealism came in the form of an onstage proposal from one of the members of the crowd, which needless to say was accepted. One word – Amazing!

7. The Tillers at the CincyGroove Festival in the Southgate House Revival, Newport, Kentucky. This was the second time I’d seen The Tillers and this time they were headliners for the night. You can read more about this gig in my earlier post on the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

6. Dawes at the Shaky Knees FestivalI’ve been a fan of Dawes since hearing them on Bob Harris‘s Sunday morning show on BBC Radio 2, so I was really looking forward to seeing them on the Sunday afternoon of the Shaky Knees Festival, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. They were, by far and way, my highlight of the festival. And as an added bonus, they sang my favorite Dawes song, A Little Piece of Everything. Pure class!


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My Top Ten Albums of 2014

Well we’re approaching the end of 2014, so like loads of other music fans, I’ve put together a list of My Top Ten Albums of 2014. And here it is:

10 – Herd Runners by Cherry Ghost

Cherry Ghost - Herd Runners








9 – Road of Bones by IQ

IQ - Road of Bones








8 – Hand on the Plow by The Tillers

The Tillers - Hand on the Plow









7 – The River and the Thread by Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash - The River and the Thread








6 – Northlands by Tony Patterson and Brendan Eyre

Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre - Northlands







5 – Familiars by The Antlers

The Antlers - Familiars








4 – Abel Ganz by Abel Ganz

Abel Ganz - Abel Ganz








3 – Ryan Adams by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams








2 – Southeastern by Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell - Southeastern








1 – Acoustic Live at the Ryman by Band of Horses

Band of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman


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Cincinnati Entertainment Awards

I cast my votes in the Cincinnati Music Awards for the first time last night. I’ve only been in Cincinnati four months, but during that time I’ve managed to catch The Tillers a couple of times, and both times they’ve been brilliant. The first time I saw them perform was as part of Pokey Lafarge‘s Central Time Tour. I’ll be doing a separate post about that superb evening, but The Tillers blew me away, so much so that I purchased their latest album, Hand on the Plow, straight after he gig.

The Tillers - Hand on the Plow









It was on the strength of that performance that I decided to get tickets for the Cincy Groove Music Festival at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky. And I’m so glad I did!

First of all a word about the venue. The Southgate House Revival is located in the The Grace Episcopal Methodist Church, which dates back to 1866. The gig was taking place in The Sanctuary, one of three rooms in the building used for gigs. The first thing I noticed on entering the Sanctuary was an old pipe organ, which apparently is the original organ for the church. The next thing I noticed were the stained glass windows, which were simply stunning. I think I may well have to do some research on this building, both as a church and as a music venue. Anyway enough of the architecture, what about the music?

First up were Shiny and the Spoon who got the evening off to a great start, but for me it was the next band, Hickory Robot, who really got things going. The fiddle playing and vocals of Lauren Schloemer stood out amongst all four members of the group, who were excellent in their own right. The highlight of their set was a ten minute epic called Exhultation, from their latest album Sawyer, which reminded me of an old Lindisfarne song, Dingly Dell. I think it was partly due to the atmospheric nature of the song, but mainly due to the mandolin playing of Scott Carnder, that I connected them with Lindisfarne.

I was well impressed with Hickory Robot, which led to yet another CD purchase!

Hickory Robot-Sawyer









Next on stage was the only artist not from Cincinnati,Chicago Farmer, This is the name by which Cody Diekhoff goes by. He’s a folk singer in the Woody Guthrie style and kept the crowd well entertained despite an electrical hiccup at the start of his set. He was certainly topical, referencing the recent Ferguson murder in one of his songs.

He warmed the crowd up nicely for the headliners The Tillers, who from start to finish were simply superb. Having played the Hand on the Plow numerous times since buying it I was familiar with a lot of the songs in the set, but hearing them played live just took them to another dimension. Their interaction with the crowd created a great atmosphere and I can safely say this was one of my top gigs of the year.

And my wallet took a further hit when I purchased their live CD, Farewell to the Historic Southgate House, the title of which has made me more intrigued about this great venue.

The Tillers - Farewell to the Historic Southgate House







The Tillers were nominated in three categories in the Cincinnati Music Awardsneedless to say they got my vote in all three!




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