It’s been a while since I did a blog post. It’s been that long that I thought I’d archive the old stuff and start afresh.

Like a fair few other people during these strange times, I find myself listening to loads of music, both old and new. I have to say I’ve not caught any of the “shows” being shown online by various artists. Watching my favorite performers deliver a set over a dodgy internet connection is not my idea of entertainment.

At present I’m supporting artists by buying their music either from my local record store, Plaid Room Records or from Bandcamp. occasionally buying direct from the artist.

I also try and post about my favorite artists on social media.

During the three months since the start of the lock down I’ve bought quite a fair bit of stuff, so I’ll be posting about that on here.

I’ve also started listening to and posting about, on twitter, an album a day. So you’ll see some posts about that as well.

And there’ll be other random posts about other music related matters, such as gigs, memorabilia and the like.

Oh, and I’ve also started learning to play the banjo!

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