For the past few weeks, even before the onset of the plague I’ve been taking photos of various albums I’ve been playing and posting them on twitter. This started as a result of my new turntable having a cover the doubles as a presentation stand for album covers.

As the plague got into it’s stride and the social isolation measures led to more time on my hand, I started listening to and tweeting about an #albumaday.

Then to make it more fun, a few days ago I introduced a “rule” whereby each album had to have a connection with the previous one.

I’ve started listing the albums and the connections between them on a separate page.

This is my small tribute to one of my all-time favorite DJs, Tommy Vance, who used to host the Friday Night Rock Show on BBC radio back in the late 1970s.

He had a feature in each show called the Friday Night Connection, where he would play three tracks which were all connected in one way or another.

Every year throughout the program’s existence, Tommy Vance would ask listeners to vote on their favorite rock tracks of all time.

I can’t remember all of them, but every year I listened to it Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin was always number one. Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Layla by Derek & the Dominoes, Child in Time by Deep Purple, Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd and Supper’s Ready by Genesis were always in the top ten. And there was usually a Rush track and a Yes track in there as well.

Talking of Yes, this actually links to the album I chose for this #albumaday project. There are a few podcasts I listen to regularly, one of which is The Prog Report. About three weeks ago they had a whole episode devoted to “Best Debut Albums” one of which was Asia‘s self title debut album.

One of Asia‘s founding members was Steve Howe, guitarist with Yes. I’ve loved this album since I first bought it on cassette tape when it was first released. I long since lost the tape, but came across a second hand vinyl a few months ago, so this seemed a perfect album to kick off the #albumaday project.

Album a Day – Day 1

Look at the price I paid – $1 !!!

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