A few weeks ago, early on in the lock down, bandcamp held #bandcampFriday, a day when any of their profits would go straight to the artist.

Needless to say, I indulged!

Here’s what I bought…

So we’ve got

Sadler VadenLive at Mercy Lounge. I bought his new album, Is There Anyone Out There? during the first week of the lock down and I’ve played it just about every day since, so getting a live album was a no-brainer.

Lanterns on the LakeBeings – I love this band. This was the only album of their’s I didn’t have, so this was a must buy.

Kaprekar’s ConstantFate Outsmarts Desire. I came across this band earlier in the year and bought their Depth of Field album and was blown away by it, so when I saw this was available on their bandcamp page, I had to get it.

Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo Almanac – I’m a big Emily Barker fan and I’m gradually filling in the gaps in my collection. This was one of the gaps.

Jacob & DrinkwaterThe Burning Low EP – My favorite album of last year was This Old River by these guys, so it was good to get some of their earlier music to listen to.

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